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Public Information Request

  1. Please provide a detailed description of the requested information (name of record being requested, specific date/time frame of the record or list, etc.).

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    Please choose the method that you wish to receive the requested information.

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    I understand the Town is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy my request or to comply with a standing/ongoing request for information. I further understand that copies of the information will be released only in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, and the Town reserves the right to seek an opinion from the Texas Attorney General with regard to the release of said information. If an Attorney General's opinion is sought by the Town, you will be notified in writing. After 10 pages, there is a fee of $.10 per page for the standard paper copies. Additional fees may apply for non-standard copies. If applicable, there is also a $15 per hour fee for information requiring extensive research. I understand that this application must be filled out completely and correctly or it will not be accepted.

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