What is the process for the fire inspection?
  • Submitting the Application:
    • Once the application has been filled out it will need to be submitted by fax, email, or in person at Town Hall.
  • Paying for the Inspection:
    • You will need to contact Town Hall once the application has been submitted to make payment for the inspection.
  • Scheduling the Inspection:
    • Once the application and the inspection fee have been received, the Town’s fire marshal will schedule an inspection.
  • Results of the Inspection:
    • You will be contacted with the results of the inspection.
    • If the inspection passes, you will be given a report reflecting the result.
    • If the inspection fails, you will need to correct the issues that caused the failure and then make payment for a re-inspection before the fire marshal will go back out to the property.

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1. What is the process for the fire inspection?
2. What is the cost associated with this application?