Alcohol Education Program(s) for Minors

 Alcohol / Drug Course Provider(s)
DO NOT take the course before it has been ordered by the Judge.

Classroom or Online 

Alcohol Awareness Course is a 6-hour course and MUST be State Approved. Certificate MUST state the course is approved and regulated by one of the following:

  • Texas Education Agency (Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program)
  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (Alcohol Awareness Program)

Click on Link:  Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

  • Select:  I want to take a Class or Course
  • Select:  "Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program"  CLASSROOM or ONLINE

Alcohol-Related Community Service Hours

 This information is provided as a courtesy and subject to change without notice.  Other alcohol-related community service hours may be acceptable.  Contact the court for verification.

The Council 

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Our Programs – Community Service
 Fees May Apply



During the COVID-19 pandemic, an essay on the dangers of underage drinking and effects of alcoholism is acceptable in lieu of community service hours.

  • 500-Word Essay satisfies 8-10 Hours
  • 1,000-Word Essay satisfies 20 Hours