Road and Street Construction and Maintenance

The roads and ancillary improvements ("Road System") that lie within the Town's boundaries are maintained and/or constructed under the supervision of the Town.

Roads within the Town of Providence Village ("Town") residential areas are constructed with the reinforced concrete pavement with curbs on cement or lime stabilized subgrade. Alleys within the Town are constructed with reinforced concrete pavement on cement or lime stabilized subgrade.  


Roadways on the outer limits of Providence Village, such as Dr. Sanders Road, Liberty Road, Brewer Road and Fishtrap Road are asphalt construction.  Certain areas of these roads are in Providence Village Jurisdiction while others are not. Contact Town Hall if you have a maintenance question.


Franchise utilities (power, phone, gas, and cable) are typically located along the alley or street right-of-way. Public utilities such as water, wastewater and storm drainage are typically located within the street right-of-way.

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