Received a Citation

If you have received a citation from the Town of Providence Village, please allow five business days from the date of the citation before attempting to contact the Municipal Court Clerk or attempting to enter a plea or pay the fine associated with the citation. Check the citation to see when you are scheduled to appear in court. The court is held on the first Wednesdays of each month beginning at 5 pm You may appear at the Municipal Court Clerk's office before 10 am on your scheduled court date to enter a plea of "No Contest," "Guilty," or "Not Guilty," please contact the Municipal Court by 10 am on your scheduled court date.


There are three ways in which you may plea:

  • Not Guilty - you contest the charge(s) in your case and the State must prove the charges against you. With this plea, you are required to appear in open court on your court date and you will be given the opportunity to request either a bench trial or a jury trial. Your case will then be reset to the nearest available trial date.
  • No Contest - you do not contest the State's charge(s) against you.
  • Guilty - you admit you committed the charge(s) for which you are accused and wish to pay the fine(s) and court costs assessed.

Options for Handling a Ticket

  • Compliance Dismissal
  • Deferred Disposition
  • Driving Safety Course
  • Paying in Full
  • Trial Procedure

Appearance Notes

Only you or an attorney representing you may enter a plea on your behalf. If you are sending somebody to pay for you, they must bring a signed statement with your plea and signature. If a person is a minor with the age preview established by the State of Texas Legislature (has passed his/her 10th birthday and has not reached his/her 17th birthday), it is mandatory under Texas State Law that a parent or guardian appear in Court with the minor charged with a violation and be present during the proceedings in the case. Parents will be notified by mail of the juvenile's court date.